Therese Howard & Mary Howard - Bloomsbury Antiques - Owners

Bloomsbury was established in 1984 as a family business in Shenton Park, Western Australia. It closed its doors in March 2019 and is now an online platform only.

Below is a section with some information on the history of Bloomsbury and its time in Shenton Park. 

Over the last 35 years, we have built a loyal following of customers with our quality products, reasonable prices and personal service. We are now launching as an online business only and would love you to join us in this new venture.

Every piece on the site has been hand-picked by my Mother and myself on trips to the UK and more recently, sourced by me from trusted UK and US dealers.

We understand that it can be daunting purchasing precious items on the internet but we are here to make sure you’re happy with your purchase.

After 35 years in the business, we are keen to help and to answer any questions you may have about the pieces to ensure we have found the right home for our jewels.

Mary Howard in the 1980s at a local antique Fair and the two of us working on the stall

Mary in the 1980s at a local Antique Fair and the two of us working on the stall - note the cabinet of jewels to the right of the picture see below - a small selection which has grown over the last 20 years...

Bloomsbury Antiques in the 1980's

Bloomsbury Antiques - Jewellery Collection in the 1980's - inside a display case

Trips to the UK in the '80s,90's right up the mid-2000s were a bi-annual event and Mum and Dad would go for a month at a time to scour the countryside for beautiful and interesting things to bring back. 

Bloomsbury Antiques Owner Mary Howard ready to hit Covent Garden.

Here's Mum ready to hit Covent Garden looking very stylish, and below on a more recent trip outside Rogers Gallery our favourite arcade at Portabello Rd.

Bloomsbury Founder Mary Howard - outside Rogers Gallery our favourite arcade at Portabello Rd

This is another favourite (Wigmore Hall is the other) where we'd enjoy an afternoon tea after a long morning of buying

Bloomsbury Antiques Owner - Mary Howard outside the Wolseley

Also, another favourite is The Royal Horticultural hall held on the first Sunday of every month. We've bought so many wonderful smalls over the years from here. Mum devoured her obligatory 11 o'clock coffee perusing the stalls and wondering which one to go to next.

and she moves around - here she is sitting up North in the UK buying from a trusted dealer she's known for over 30 years.

Bloomsbury Antiques Owner Mary Howard - in the UK buying from a trusted dealer she's known for over 30 years

We've had a long and happy association with the UK and have very good friends and dealers that we remain in contact with. 

But now the shop has closed its doors and I'm taking the business online with help from my daughter (who models and helps with social media) and so the new chapter of Bloomsbury begins. 

We would love you to come along on this new journey with us. 

A selection of some of the fabulous jewels one customer has purchased over the years - and She wore them to the end of year party - what a collection! 


We look forward to answering any questions and taking requests from you in the coming months. Just contact us at info@bloomsburyantiques.com.au

all for now